New Journalism Course Offers Hands On Reporting in NYC’s Immigrant Communities

The Feet in 2 Worlds journalism course will again be offered this fall to Media Studies and GPIA students.   Introduced last winter, the course uses New York City’s large and diverse immigrant communities as places to develop and practice a variety of journalism skills including blogging, audio podcasts and social media posts.

The course emphasizes journalism basics, beginning with how to identify and conceptualize a story, and offers students the chance to work in a variety of media platforms and formats.

Students who took the class in Spring term 2013 produced a large body of news and feature stories for the Feet in 2 Worlds website and Tumblr as well as for our media partners including WNYC, New York Public Radio and PRI’s The World.

Notable stories included: a podcast about how attitudes about hair change when African and Caribbean women immigrate to the U.S.; a radio story about a Syrian immigrant’s difficult decision to return to her war-torn country, produced for PRI’s The World, a daily public radio news magazine broadcast across the U.S.; and an audio slide show about efforts by the Latino community in Williamsburg to preserve its identity in the face of neighborhood gentrification.

You can check out more stories here.

The course, taught by Feet in 2 Worlds executive producer John Rudolph, gives students the  chance to work directly with immigrant and ethnic media reporters who serve as mentors to students enrolled in the class.   The roster of mentors for the fall term includes award-winning journalists from New York City’s Chinese and Polish media as well as staff at Feet in 2 Worlds, a project of the Center for New York City Affairs at The New School.

The course listing can be found here